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So Posh is at it again (just this time we care)

A look through any of the fashion mags or even websites the BIG story is VB is wearing ballet shoes.

Ok so if you read her book you would have definitely concluded she was no advocate of ballet pumps, but I am guessing the bunion and 5 inch heels were no longer working for her as she had previously envisioned.

Personally I have never been a fan of VB’s style,  love her hair but find her look very polished and blah, I prefer the rolled out of bed and I still look gorgeous look.  Yet the fact she is wearing pumps is a big deal! And I have to admit I kind of prefer her this way. I just wish she would eat an ounce of fat, would be soo much cheaper than the fillers she will need to fill those hollow cheeks.

But let us not forget when she does casual she does casual well (and is when I fall in love her), and has worn flats before so why is this instance sending the media crazy.

Maybe this is why, we are so used to her looking like this:

Our usual VB

But dont you just LOVE her like this:

The ballet pumps that will send shops going crazy!

Victoria at Wembley looking lovely

Do you think she gives the true flatinistas, Kate, Alexa & Co a run for their money and are we going to see every fashion mag coveting flats as the in thing now/  Even though they have been around for years for any woman who understands the importance of beautiful looking feet 🙂

Do you even care?

Is it a big deal, are you going to trade your heels, or is this simply  media hype ?

Thoughts flatinistas xoxo.


To Wear or Not To Wear The Cycling Short?

So we have reached that point again, the shops swarm in the spring/summer collection when I would say England doesn’t even experience a smidge of Spring until about April, so please keep selling thermals its cold outside!

However, across my winter collection travels, I have been seeing a slight, emergence of cycling shorts, the similar trickle effect I witnessed with playsuits three years ago, so I can sense this one being HUGE not right now, but next summer or even the summer after.  Although the trend is really reminiscent to me of my pedal pushers wearing days  *hangs my head in shame*.

This look is the type of look I think applies to the key phrase ‘wear what suits you, not wants in fashion’ but although most of the cycling shorts I am seeing resemble my old p.e lesson attire , American Apparel and co,  I have seen some really cool fashion forward ones.

Motel was the same brand three years ago that earmarked the best playsuits and I think they have done the same with the cycling shorts.  However as much as I love Motel, I kind of feel they eventually get  lost amongst the Topshop’s of the world once the trend really goes mainstream but hey lets wait and see.

Available at ASOS & Motel

I will definitely be adding this pair to my collection to wear with a baggy tee and wedges for a little drink in a South Beach Bar (oh to dream).  However most on the runway were worn under skirts, so I will be interested to see how us mere mortals transpire this trend.  I know Alexa, Agness and Fearne will be rocking cycling shorts soon with their converses and flats and cannot wait how they add their sense of ‘Britishness’ to the trend.

Available at asos.com

I am won over by the ones above also, but what about you lot.  Do you think some trends are best left on the runway or will you be coveting your luscious pins in these cycling shorts?  Thoughts stylistas…xoxo