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Glamour Awards 2011

Best Dressed for me was Rosie Huntington-Whiteley….

Source: Daily Mail - Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

and oh deary me, if your stylist puts you in something you do not have to say yes! What on mighty earth was Alexandra Burke thinking 😮

Source: Daily Mail - Alexandra Burke

My Favourite Song….

I have been loving this song for a longgggg time and now the official video has dropped!!

oh how it warms my heart to see my three favourite cities in one video 🙂

I love Keri but…

Anyone that knows me, knows I have an uber girl crush on Keri – I think she has such a beautiful face and voice.  Now her dressing on the other hand, well that is an entire different issue.

So I just had to embark on a quest to find out who is behind some of thse outfits and to my dismay I found out it was Monica Rose – the genius who styles the Kardashians. I mean style is very subjective , so I am not here to dismiss anyone’s hard work but this look just did not warm my heart. Yellow, a poloneck and the waste belt….:-(


Solange Knowles

This girl gives me life since she done away with the whole long weave look and forged her own style.

Everything about this outfit I love especially the shorts, I need them in my life ASAP.

Source: Wireimage

Finger Accessories – LUV AJ

I adore rings, so much so I think I just buy them to collect because I hardly wear them.

However I find a lot of pleasure in searching for more finger accessories and this current website is doing the utmost right now.

LUV AJ has the most amazing accessories, but the below piece is my absolute fave – head over to the website to see more wonderful gems they have.

Jumpsuit Love

Source@ Rihanna's TwitPic