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The Higher The Heel…

I am a very firm believer in the higher the heel the better and I am always searching for increasingly higher heels.

So, imagine my delight when  I came across these 7 inchers from Jeffrey Campbell.

What do you think?



I am always harping on about how I feel  Louboutins have become a commodity to many women rather than a luxury so I am now sitting on the fence of this designer, through no fault of his own.

However, there is no denying he makes some beautiful creation of shoes and these are no exception, part of the upcoming Autumn/Winter Collection 2011.

Beautiful Classic Shoes

Bottoms Up

On my usual daily blog trail – I came across these beauties.


Source: streetfsn by Nam

Vintage Miu Miu

The heel is amazing – the rest of the shoe I am not soo sure.


I saw these and literally died at my desk Amanda Wakeley you have made my feet swooooon.

If you love shoes….

Following on from by eBay shop I ventured across Google looking for shoes, seriously shopping online is sooo much fun when you are sweating like a bish outside..Enough moaning about the heat, fast forward 6 months, woosh I am going to be moaning about the cold.  So back to my point (again), I came across this Los Angeles shoe designer, Jeffrey Campbell who is giving me a lot of ammunition right now to blow allllll my savings. His shoes are vintage inspired and thus will not be for everyone but I am loving some parts of the collection and hmmm next on others.  Have look let me know your thoughts xoxoSTSxoxo.

I NEED these

These I can 100% say I do not like


No Words Can Express

Right now NYC is basking in another one of its 100 degree days, (I really need to find out what that means in celcius, but I know it is hoooootttttttttt).  My point, I was on my eBay shopping trial and I saw these little beauties, very impractical in this heat, but my oh my oh my is Winter going to seee these, with my leggings. I did say no words but it needed a few.  Do you love or do you loveeeeeee?

Sam Edelman Zoe Boot