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I saw these and literally died at my desk Amanda Wakeley you have made my feet swooooon.


A New York Gem

Amongst my New York travels look what I found in Century 21, aren’t these shoes just lush.

A sack or hire scenario here? xSTSx

Vintage Buy Of The Day

My friend said they belong to a granny I beg to differ,they belong to meeee  🙂

YAY or NAY for you my fellow fashionista’s?


Vintage Buy of the Day

The Hottie Who Went Frilly

It is a well-known fact that I have super Marvin crushitist (sp) and find nothing more attractive than a man who really knows how to dress.  However it stops right there when a man raids his girlfriend’s wardrobe and the thrown out box of clothes to wear on a night out.  Marvin what were you thinking? A frilly checked shirt, even the sound of it sounds revolting, ‘boys I am just rocking my frilly checked shirt and trousers’.  Did none of the boy’s care to mention that frilly should never roll off a mans tongue of owned garments.

Image Source:

Can you imagine going back to the girls describing your date turned up in a frilly checked shirt, like really is that even allowed, like really what on earth is next?  And if the shirt wasn’t a step too far, customised track suit bottoms, Marvin, Marvin I hate to do this but really SACK THE STYLIST.

*Disclaimer I am still the biggest JLS fan(Marvin in particular) but nobody is exempt from the STS treatment dressed like that mwah *  Thoughts people xoxo

A Picture Speaks a 1000 words

Ahh how excited was I to see Alexa in a new up do, her face looks flawless, but as you trawl down the picture hmmm  the admiration stops.

Her legs appear to be on the verge of snapping off.  I know she has always been a skinny billy, but really this skinny I think not.  I hope the cancellation of It’s On With Alexa hasn’t caused her to forget to eat :-(.  I could even be over reacting but Alexa Alexa Alexa you look beautiful but pleeease sort out the legs.

Stunning Alexa

Invest in a nutritionist or sack the stylist or both?


Sexy Leatherella

Leather jackets, leather bags, leather shoes, you name it, unless you are pro-animal aka Leona there isn’t anything quite as luxurious as a real leather piece (ok maybe fur but you get my point).  So much so Usher embarked on an all leather outfit at the NBA All Star Game and received one heck of a verbal beating. I personally didn’t think it was that bad, yet the bashing he received anyone would think Usher would be going home to another Daddy in Daddy’s home.  I personally thought he looked ok, it was a stage outfit, not a date outfit!

Source: NecoleBitchie

Marvin JLS aka The Hotness

Look at my husband to be (haha a girl can dream eh), he wore leather trousers and obviously Marvin’s performance wasn’t televised but I thought he looked quite hott in his outfit (I am heavily biased).  Yet again my friends were ridiculing his outfit for looking gay.  What is sooo wrong with wearing leather ON STAGE?
Make no mistake, I am not promoting head-to-toe leather on man or female, but really does the sheen of a man’s leg attire really render him to the gay looking category.
Should these men be sacking the stylists?
Would you let your bf rock the leather trousers?
Thoughts leatheristas.xo.xo

Whose Stylist Should be Hired

Images Courtsey of WennImage courtsey of Wenn

This particular ‘who wore it better’ has been circulating for around 2 weeks or so now and every time a poll is done I am always dumbfounded as to why people think Katy Perry seems to have worn it better; the waist belt, the OTK boots, the shoulders erm too many things are going on…. I know people are entitled to their opinion but hello Rihanna sooo wore it better in my view but hey up to you lot. Am I wrong or am I right? Please enlighten me people I need your help….which one of these ladies needs some tender loving STS treatment.