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There is only one happiness in life — to love and to be loved.

George Sand
1804-1876, French Novelist


I Change My Mind

If I remember correctly last week I was on a full blog bashing of men dressing like women, to the extent that I didnt even notice this beauty of an outfit circulating the Internet.

What this picture confirms is that I am a down-right hypocrite but lookey here, guess who is in a tan waist belt looking FLYYYYY!

Not sure if I would let a man I was with particularly wear this but Diddy wooohooo this outfit is tremendous.

I LOVEEEE it when a man can dress so much more exciting than a good pair of heels (hmmm actually maybe I lie, but I loves it).

Just because its Diddy am I getting ‘gassed’ as my little cousin would say or is this belt ensemble a beautifying addition to this mac.