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I saw these and literally died at my desk Amanda Wakeley you have made my feet swooooon.


When Did…

Stop the press literally! When did gender reversal become popular. I recall when the boyish trend hit the catwalk and I for one was particularly elated. I mean I love showing the whole world my ample curves (I wish) but there is a time when there is nothing I love moreeeee than a big old baggy t-shirt that makes the opposite sex run in terror as they ponder at the fact there is no bubble up back being hidden under that tent.

I am always digressing on my posts the actual point of this post is to discuss when  did it become acceptable to start dressing men in women’s clothing;  meggings, mesh vests and now asymmetrical cardigans. Listeeeeen, boys should be boys, men should be men and really this gender role reversal needs to stop, I could go down the route of discussing the psychology behind all of this and what it could do for society, but I will refrain partly due to the fact I should be applying for jobs and not actually ASOS shopping. But please I am mortified if not distressed that the following items are being stocked in menswear. I love ASOS I really do but come on the below items are a step too far in the wrong direction. xxxx

10% off H&M

I love a bargain although 10% isnt that much of one it is still a bargain.  So head over to H&M and get your shopping skates on.

Source: H&M

Upon checkout enter the following promotional code: 8931

Valid until 23 January. Just think of that lovely tenner you saved on your 100 pound purchase. Thank me later.


The Four Letter Word

My girl ‘Want to come out to dinner today girl?’ – me -‘no sorry I have no scrilla/mullah’ (I am not American neither ghetto but I like these words).

However I will be on the first train/bus to go hit the shops where the money I never had to feed myself has miraculously appeared during sale season or any other season where I see something I want.

And oh my, on my recent trip back home, I stumbled or should I say I specifically searched online and phoned the store prior to my visit to make sure these two  beauties were in my size and low and behold they were – I call this fate! The sad part is they also remain in my wardrobe in my London home as there was no room in my suitcase as other shoes were deemed of greater need here with me in NYC.

I love these shoes and miss them dearly for the 4 days or so I spent staring at them in my room. Until we meet again I dedicate this post to you – my shoes in the sale you are forever missed (because I sure know I would not have paid full price for you either).

I miss you – Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters