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Fashion Night Out – 3 Months Later

Fashion Night Out in NY was in September, we are now in December and three months later I have finally uploaded two of my favourite pictures from the evening. Definitely one of the best experiences I have had in NY so far, the girlies, champers, clothes, shoes and freebies. I could not really have asked for more (actually I lie, money to have bought the clothes would have been nice, but there is always next year I suppose).

Jimmy Choo

Dior Store


I Die for this Ring

It is no secret I LOVE rings, the bigger, the heavier the more outrageous the better and this one is no exception. Let the ring go the talking (not me today).



You love, you love or you LOVEEEE?


I heart Rihanna’s Jacket

So NY is supposed to be freeezing, so far I can say it’s on par with London, but lets wait and see as we are technically still in Autumn.  I digress, my point was the best thing about winter is the fashion, I truly cannot get enough of it even if it leaves you with flat hair, runny nose and sometimes looking like mutton dressed like lamb.

Anywhoo let me return back to my point I HEART Rihanna’s jacket. Its even more fetching because I remember having a boyfriend who insisted on wearing a similar jacket around 5 years ago and I used to laugh my head off why one would wear such an old school jacket, I guess he was ahead of the fashion pack before we even realised it!

Image Source: Rihanna Twitpic

So how you do you rate thee, I know shearling is everywhere but this one looks a little ahead of the pack don’t you think, look at those yellow straps!!

Tatiana Bolanos

Still in secondary school, still only 16 and still pretty fabulous. I know at 16 I thought I was fabulous, for what I am not 100% sure but I know I thought I was lol. But Tatiana Bolanos IS/WAS actually a lil fashionista at 16 and at 21 I think it is fair to say she is on her way to become one of fashion’s gems if she isn’t already.

Well this is what happened to Tatiana Bolanos, the 21-year-old girl from Los Angeles, with an e-store that is simply to die for. I obsess over most things vintage, but seem to lack the time in NY to browse the plethora of vintage shops, so you know I was uber happy once I came across Tatiana’s Supadupa vintage shop.

This T-Shirt is one of my absolute fave pieces right now, but definitely head over to the site, plenty more where this came from.


They Wont Keep you Warm But…

London is currently gripped by snow, NY hasn’t fully decided if its ready to embrace winter head on, yet I am obsessing with these.

Some could argue its all bout jeans and more jeans weather but personally there is nothing I detest on my body more than a pair of jeans. I mean jeans are the most practical, yet for some reason they just do not resonate well with me.

But low and behold amongst many of my NY walks I came across these ‘jeans’ beauties, so ok they will not cover more than your derrière but winter isn’t always about practicality is it.

Available in store at Urban Outfitters

You likey? Cos oh my I love and boy have they given me inspiration for further customisation ideas.