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This is another reason why I love Mr West

A man that can dress simply warms my heart with an Atlanta accent too of course lol.

But jeeez the head tie, the fur gilet and that black jacket hmmm like seriously I love the whole look. Would I want my man to wear the head tie, not so much but I still salute the look.

I loveeee this jacket

Who is Kanye’s stylist because I am getting all giddy and excited in my chair just looking at this (its the simple things in life).  What do you dolls think xSTSx


Kimmie What Were you Thinking?

So I have a love hate relationship with Kimmie. Some days I love her (yep love someone I don’t even know but whatevs) and some days I am like please stop media whoring yourself lets have a break.  But then I remembered everybody has to eat and Kim is one super fierce woman in making sure she eats so I give it to her.

Anyway I am back in my in love with Kimmie phase, surgery or not she is one hottie so erm hello gasp, shock, flicker, horror, when I saw her in this awful awful outfit.  Approach your 30’s with grace and class but Kimmie babe nobody said you can be no longer stylish. I think she is taking this whole 30 thing to a whole different level.  Whoever chose this outfit make sure you Sack The Stylist, but keep the make up and hair stylist because they are on point as per usual.


A Woman’s Plight

Walk into a shop see an item, love an item, item in size 12 and above.

Return to the shop two days later, item now in size 14 and above.

Return to the shop a day later item now in size 16 and above.

Visit another store item will return in two days.

Two days later you visit the store item is nowhere to be found.

Numerous visits to H&M stores potentially renders you mad, until you realise your item is GONE GONE GONE (not even on eBay).

Two months later you are still mourning and this is the item my ladies which I woke up today dreaming about to go alongside my jeans.


Find me this top

Such are the atrocities of life, but I know plenty women understand my plight.

If you find or even know this item it can be dearly sent to me.

With love xSTSx

NY Spotted Winter Gems

I love flicking through my camera and finding some lovely fashion pleasures.

Take a look at some winter gems I came across my shopping travels.

Again I often get so picture happy I keep forgetting what stores I snapped away in.

An as seen in London Gem:

One of my boys was seen sporting these on the weekend and I just had to post.

No amount of words can express how delightful these trainers are.

To sack or hire?


A New York Gem

Amongst my New York travels look what I found in Century 21, aren’t these shoes just lush.

A sack or hire scenario here? xSTSx

The Legs Have It

The eyes, the lips, the feet, and the bag they all at some point had it, but this season it’s all about the legs.

People are saying Cheryl Cole stamped this trend but sorry she started it for those who do not know any better (why are we so obsessed with licking her a**), fancy tights have been going around for awhile but today I want to pay homage to them, particularly as NY is getting colder and colder.

These are just a small selection – there are so many more out there and get creative with making your own, sequins, paint etc you name it. The legs have it woopty woop!.



*A selection from ASOS, Wolford, and Figleaves*