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Masculined Trend A Do or A Don’t

I am all for masculine trends and absolutely adore rummmaging the mens section at vintage stores.  However I am sitting on the fence for this one.  There is a part of me thats loves loves loves it and there is another part where I am just not sure. What do you lovely fashionista’s think xoxoSTSxoxo ?

Available at ASOS.COM


Lovely eBay Store California Vintage Connect

If you are addicted to Vintage goodies and eBay then this store will make you feel like you have hit the jackpot.  There are quite a few little goodies in this store that I love and sure you will too.  Although the store has some really quirky bits, I wouldn nto class it as a ‘thrifty’ store  it’s not the cheapest but definitely has some bits worth getting.  I check it everyday to see what new bits are added so I suggest you do the same, add it to your favourites.  I have handpicked some of my favourite end of summer into Autumn wear pieces I found, besides buying vintage helps preserve the planet ;-).

One Date Two Outfits

So you have date, you have two outfit choices, which one would you choose? 

Personally I know which one I would choose, but my preference has resulted in a scathing attack from my male friend regarding me as a ‘geezer bird’ (who even says that word anymore).  Personally for me nothing is more sexy than baggy clothing with heels and if I a man cannot dig that then….

I personally like number 2 with tied back hair and killer killer heels, but what do you think?

Available at for 45

Option 2


This is a NEED

Sometimes you just want things, sometimes you just need things.  But this ring is quite simply something you need and people wonder why I LOVE the Olsens.



Head Gear

I always want to spice up my hair with some sort of accessory, unless my hair is uber big or slicked back its just boring and needs some form of accessory.  This is my new want!

If you saw this, what would you think? Would this render your stylist redundant? Thoughts xoxoSTSxoxo

Why I Forever Love Vintage

August, the final official month of summer, however doesn’t mean my summer shopping should end.   I need to get a pair of these in before autumn comes my way….I LOVEEE these they are different. What do you think? xoxoSTSxoxo

Available from: