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If you love shoes….

Following on from by eBay shop I ventured across Google looking for shoes, seriously shopping online is sooo much fun when you are sweating like a bish outside..Enough moaning about the heat, fast forward 6 months, woosh I am going to be moaning about the cold.  So back to my point (again), I came across this Los Angeles shoe designer, Jeffrey Campbell who is giving me a lot of ammunition right now to blow allllll my savings. His shoes are vintage inspired and thus will not be for everyone but I am loving some parts of the collection and hmmm next on others.  Have look let me know your thoughts xoxoSTSxoxo.

I NEED these

These I can 100% say I do not like



No Words Can Express

Right now NYC is basking in another one of its 100 degree days, (I really need to find out what that means in celcius, but I know it is hoooootttttttttt).  My point, I was on my eBay shopping trial and I saw these little beauties, very impractical in this heat, but my oh my oh my is Winter going to seee these, with my leggings. I did say no words but it needed a few.  Do you love or do you loveeeeeee?

Sam Edelman Zoe Boot


SackTheStylist Tuneeee

Ok ok ok so I know this blog is supposed to be about fashion but sometimes when I get wind of a tuneeee, I am going to be tweeting about it until your eyes hurt and I play it non stop whilst I am getting ready so on this occasion I have to share.  Also one more thing, I know this song isn’t very ‘high fashion’ but oh my gosh this gets me super super amped.  So my ‘tuneeeee’ for infinity and beyond (by Monday I am will bbming someone else about another song, so lets enjoy this whilst it lasts).

Let me know what you fashionista’s think, should this song be sacked along with those men who choose to wear socks with flip flops :/


The Face Behind The Stars

Have you ever wondered who transformed little miss cute face Rihanna into the fierce Cruella De Vil that she is currently is. 

Where the Olsen’s get their fabolous tousled I just hopped out of bed look and why oh why Alicia Keys always gets it wrong like seriously does she have a stylist (and yes she does, who will be revealed shortly evil evil person making her wear some of the outfits we have  been subjected to).

Personally my favourity stylist is June Ambrose her look is just one that sends shivers down my spine (yep thats how serious she looks to me, she just is the epitome of fly will show you a picture of her in a minute). 

But I would have to say kudos to Rachel Zoe for turning those Olsen twins into what they currently are (not to keen on her though). Whether they are running around getting milk or even at award shows, that pout, those eyebrows, that hair everything I LOVE like seriously (obssessed just a little bit). 

So have a look at the stylists behind the stars.  Funny how some look better than their clients eh.

Mariel Haenn - Rihanna's Stylist Source: Concrete Loop


Rachel Zoe - Most famous for the Olsens & Nicole Richie

Britt Bardo - Styled the likes of Kate Hudson & Cameron Diaz

My FAVE of them all June Ambrose- styled the likes of Diddy, Jay Z & co

I had to end this post with Alicia Keys’s Stylist- yes she has a stylist who would have believed it.

Wouri Vice - Stylist to many but most noteably Miss Keys :/


What are your thoughts? Let me know my stylish darlings xoxoSTSxoxo