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Straight Out of Compton

Paris, New York, Milan, my beloved hometown London and now it seems Compton.  Ok so maybe a bit far fetched, it is not like you are going to see a host of boutiques setting up shop there, but Adam Kimmel’ s S/S 2011 collection sure did show the world, how to do Compton ‘style’ fashionably (whoever thought it eh). And, surprisingly enough it works. It looks like Kimmel is bringing ‘Compton’ back.

Personally I think the collection is quite refreshing.  So many collections seem to have lost the masculine touch and have all gone waaaay too feminine in my opinion.

Unless you are JLS, I don’t think everyone can carry off certain designs.  Take a look below.

Lanvin Spring/Summer 2011 Source:

Kimmel’s collection shows that men need to dress like men even if a bit a hood, but it works. Although I reckon if men mix and match the pieces any man can pull off some of the pieces in this collection. Take a look at some of my favourite looks below.

Source: Adam Kimmel S/S 2011

Source: Adam Kimmel S/S 2011

Adam Kimmel S/S 2011

Source : Adam Kimmel S/S 2011

 It seems not only did Snoop shine at Glastonbury, he has also turned or is turning into a  very unlikely style icon.

Ladies would you be horrified if your man/date turned up wearing some of Kimmel’s collection or is this a look that needs to be mixed and matched?  Or is quite simply straight hood? Let me know your thoughts to sack or hire the stylist. xoxoSTSxoxo


Solange at Brooklyn Bowl 18th June 2010

So I was told Solange was djing at Brooklyn Bowl, to be 100% honest I was more excited by the prospect of seeing Beyonce’s little sister than actually hearing her DJ (anyone say loseeer).  In my head all I kept thinking was what on earth is she going to mix, because I sure know my girl isnt going to be mixing any Plies and Young Jeezy *yes I am secretly hood when it comes to music but don’t judge me*.

However, Solange didnt adhere to my previous misconceptions, she is actually a pretty good DJ, in the sense of the selection of songs she plays, however she doesn’t actually mix!!

 It was a classic set with songs from Lauren Hill, Luniz and I really was paying that much attention I can’t even name the rest but it was good.

But the only thing I was truly interested in was her look, and lets be honest she is no Beyonce but she is equally as pretty in her own individual way. She was courting her afro wig, her uber luscious red lips and naturally shaped brows, I dont know, I like the look, its soo carefree but so not.

Take a look at the sneaky pictures below are you loving the afro wig or should she just embrace the hair she is trying to grow underneath.  Personally I think her style is cute, particularly as she is no longer trying to mimick  her gorgeous sister, her skin (omg worthy) and the lipstick love love love.  Does she look like any other afro centric woman in this sad state of everyonelook the same Hollywood or does she look uber uber uber fly.


Let me know your thoughts as quite now I think I have a new girl crush over here.  Thoughts people xoxoSTSxoxo

STS Repeated Song of the Week – Feat Yummy Lil Wayne

My other husband besides Marvin is looking so handsome in this video I just felt it wrong to deprive you ladies with a beautiful thing.  Plus I do loveee the song.

After watching this I doubt anybody can tell me he is not attractive :P.  Enjoy…xoxoSTSxoxo

Why I Will Forever Love Vintage

Check these gorgeouslicious beauties out.  I love love love these, shame they are vintage so that means only one pair not in my size :-(.  Whoever is wearing these right now, I salute you forever….if your stylist brought you these shoes would these be a YAY or NAY?! xoxSTSxox



Sorrrrry I have not been posting as regularly as I should, moving countries sometimes takes its toll beyond practicality and therefore I have been slaaaacking.  But I am back and aim to bring at least one update a week as I had always intended.  So in the words of  (I don’t actually know) Legoooooo.