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The Hottie Who Went Frilly

It is a well-known fact that I have super Marvin crushitist (sp) and find nothing more attractive than a man who really knows how to dress.  However it stops right there when a man raids his girlfriend’s wardrobe and the thrown out box of clothes to wear on a night out.  Marvin what were you thinking? A frilly checked shirt, even the sound of it sounds revolting, ‘boys I am just rocking my frilly checked shirt and trousers’.  Did none of the boy’s care to mention that frilly should never roll off a mans tongue of owned garments.

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Can you imagine going back to the girls describing your date turned up in a frilly checked shirt, like really is that even allowed, like really what on earth is next?  And if the shirt wasn’t a step too far, customised track suit bottoms, Marvin, Marvin I hate to do this but really SACK THE STYLIST.

*Disclaimer I am still the biggest JLS fan(Marvin in particular) but nobody is exempt from the STS treatment dressed like that mwah *  Thoughts people xoxo