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Elle Style Awards 2010: No Sacking Needed

MKA Elle Style Awards 2010

Danni M looks flawless

Nicola Roberts looking lovely Elle Style Awards 2010

Leona looking lovely in Alexander McQueen


Tolula Adeyemi

Your thoughts dolls xoxo


A Picture Speaks a 1000 words

Ahh how excited was I to see Alexa in a new up do, her face looks flawless, but as you trawl down the picture hmmm  the admiration stops.

Her legs appear to be on the verge of snapping off.  I know she has always been a skinny billy, but really this skinny I think not.  I hope the cancellation of It’s On With Alexa hasn’t caused her to forget to eat :-(.  I could even be over reacting but Alexa Alexa Alexa you look beautiful but pleeease sort out the legs.

Stunning Alexa

Invest in a nutritionist or sack the stylist or both?


Sexy Leatherella

Leather jackets, leather bags, leather shoes, you name it, unless you are pro-animal aka Leona there isn’t anything quite as luxurious as a real leather piece (ok maybe fur but you get my point).  So much so Usher embarked on an all leather outfit at the NBA All Star Game and received one heck of a verbal beating. I personally didn’t think it was that bad, yet the bashing he received anyone would think Usher would be going home to another Daddy in Daddy’s home.  I personally thought he looked ok, it was a stage outfit, not a date outfit!

Source: NecoleBitchie

Marvin JLS aka The Hotness

Look at my husband to be (haha a girl can dream eh), he wore leather trousers and obviously Marvin’s performance wasn’t televised but I thought he looked quite hott in his outfit (I am heavily biased).  Yet again my friends were ridiculing his outfit for looking gay.  What is sooo wrong with wearing leather ON STAGE?
Make no mistake, I am not promoting head-to-toe leather on man or female, but really does the sheen of a man’s leg attire really render him to the gay looking category.
Should these men be sacking the stylists?
Would you let your bf rock the leather trousers?
Thoughts leatheristas.xo.xo

They call this fashion, in Africa this is Life!

Amber Rose opted for the number 1 and so it seems so did the whole world (ok slight exaggeration, but from none to more than five girls sporting this style you have to say AR has started a trend)  Solange Knowles apparently ‘copied’ her and she was slated for her nappy head piece. 

Consider this class of African children and you will notice the majortity if not all the girls, have number 1s but I don’t remember people going to the hairdressers and asking for clippers instead of No-Lye relaxers, is the power of celeb truly that overwhelming?

Is it because Amber Rose depicts what the media think is beautiful this trend has been given kudos, because I seldom heard if any, talk about Solange’s hair.

The Number 1 a plenty

 Additionally Alicia and Beyonce have been seen sporting ‘traditional’ African attire in their new video for ‘Put it in a Love Song’. 

Queen B

And guess what everybody will now be saying how fly they look and they want some, erm who remembers the sneers or the embarrassment one would get when your mum was trumping around in head to toe Kente.  Don’t get me wrong I love it when Africa is put on the map, its just amazing to see how far we have come.

So much so that Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs s/s10 collections have created a flux in high street African prints.  The best collection I have seen is from ASOS who will be launching an ASOS Africa collection and definitely this will bring African attire to the mainstream, yet Sika clothing have been producing what ASOS are only NOW going to start producing for awhile now.  Is it simply a case of poor PR,  the need for big brand backing or simply when something becomes fashionable, everybody deems it acceptable?

I know I have raised a lot of points within here, but please give me your thoughts fashionistas, xoxo.

So Posh is at it again (just this time we care)

A look through any of the fashion mags or even websites the BIG story is VB is wearing ballet shoes.

Ok so if you read her book you would have definitely concluded she was no advocate of ballet pumps, but I am guessing the bunion and 5 inch heels were no longer working for her as she had previously envisioned.

Personally I have never been a fan of VB’s style,  love her hair but find her look very polished and blah, I prefer the rolled out of bed and I still look gorgeous look.  Yet the fact she is wearing pumps is a big deal! And I have to admit I kind of prefer her this way. I just wish she would eat an ounce of fat, would be soo much cheaper than the fillers she will need to fill those hollow cheeks.

But let us not forget when she does casual she does casual well (and is when I fall in love her), and has worn flats before so why is this instance sending the media crazy.

Maybe this is why, we are so used to her looking like this:

Our usual VB

But dont you just LOVE her like this:

The ballet pumps that will send shops going crazy!

Victoria at Wembley looking lovely

Do you think she gives the true flatinistas, Kate, Alexa & Co a run for their money and are we going to see every fashion mag coveting flats as the in thing now/  Even though they have been around for years for any woman who understands the importance of beautiful looking feet 🙂

Do you even care?

Is it a big deal, are you going to trade your heels, or is this simply  media hype ?

Thoughts flatinistas xoxo.