The Best Fur Parents

I have always loved Mr West and his girlfriend (hmm  she stole my man so still coming to terms with her).

Image Source: DailyMail

The Daily Mail said this was a fashion fail errrrr I think NOT this is fur at its best. I am having slight heart palpitations over here as I am sooooo lusting over their jackets.

 OMG OMG OMG OMG! I want sooooooooooooooooooooooooome!!!!

 What do you guys thick Sack or Hire The Stylist… I need to find their stylist, these are fur gems!!


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SackTheStylist is Smacksie, Smacks or Smackerella (basically me) debut into the blogging hemisphere. Avid lover of all things bright, beautiful and controversial! Maybe? Accompany me on my journey where we will discuss fashion mostly and if anything else catches my attention which is most things as my mind runs at multiple speed. Personally I really wish I could blog about the glamorous life spent lounging in members only residences in New York, Dubai and London but quite frankly one has emerged from her sleep and has to keep it real and blog about people that do :-) Welcome aboard the STS journey. View all posts by Sack The Stylist

One response to “The Best Fur Parents

  • Anonymous

    No way, what happened to understated chic! Far too much fur going on. But in my opinion Amber Rose personifies fashion faux pas. To sum, SACK THE STYLIST! x

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