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The Best Fur Parents

I have always loved Mr West and his girlfriend (hmm  she stole my man so still coming to terms with her).

Image Source: DailyMail

The Daily Mail said this was a fashion fail errrrr I think NOT this is fur at its best. I am having slight heart palpitations over here as I am sooooo lusting over their jackets.

 OMG OMG OMG OMG! I want sooooooooooooooooooooooooome!!!!

 What do you guys thick Sack or Hire The Stylist… I need to find their stylist, these are fur gems!!


Sack or Hire This ASOS Piece To Your Wardrobe?

Quick one today 🙂

I have just seen this on the ASOS website and wanted your thoughts…would or wouldn’t you and if so how would you?



I know for sure this will not be part of my S/S10 collection, but hey will it be part of yours?

 Thoughts my lyrca loving fashionistas xoxo

Hermes Sample Sale 50% off

Ready-to-wear and accessories for men and women:

15-16th Jan 9 a.m. – 7 p.m.

The Music Rooms, South Molton Lane, Mayfair, W1K 5AB

Free Entry

Enjoy and dont forget to let me know what exciting bits you got.


A truly Stylish Jumble Sale

Tuesday, January 19th, 6-11pm

The Phoenix, 37 Cavendish Square

2 mins from Oxford Circus, just turn right off Oxford Street after H&M and before Zara. MAP HERE.

  • Nearly all stock is brand new Urban Outfitters samples and end of season
  • But there’ll be a few pre-loved gems thrown in for good measure
  • There are NO PRICES on anything. You just pay what you think something is worth
  • The amazing Warrior One and Rhys Adams (Yes King) are bringing the music
  • Bar open throughout selling delicious booze
  • All profits go towards Bounce projects that help kids play and have fun
  • It’s COMPLETELY FREE to get in. That’s right – no charge on the door

See you there Jumblists!

Check their blog for more details:

Real or Fake?

So as you may have realised from my post last week I do not actually own any sensible winter attire, hence why I spent an entire weekend looking for suitable winter clothing amongst the rails of the new spring/summer collections.  Yep you can only imagine how well I am doing with this one.

Why, I always leave it to January I have no idea and usually explains why I will enter another winter ill-prepared as per usual!

So as I do every winter, I have been trawling vintage shops looking for that fur coat that is going to turn me into sheer fabulousity whilst draping the winter streets, (yep it is this unnecessary quest that is probably taking me soo long and probably why I will end up never getting one, I need to start living in normal land.

So anyway I found THE most perfect coat last week and a real bargain too…but guess what it was real fur.  Do not get me wrong I am no animal heroine, or anything like that but I just couldn’t bring myself to purchase it.  Potentially because I am so aware of the anti-fur protestors egging people and faux being so more in vogue than real, (well that’s what I have been led to believe). But then I feel why should I feel so bad for wearing the fur of a little rabbit, cant really see the difference between that and leather boots, but my conscious just couldn’t allow me to do it, plus some woman at work has brain washed me into how unethical real fur is! Gosh the power of some people’s mouths astounds me.

Burberry Prorsum REAL RABBIT AND GOAT FUR COAT £2.674,80

Kimora Lee Simmons says this is fake not too sure myself but hey

Now considering both sides of the argument I am a little bit lost, the only real negative I can see with real fur is the slaughter of animals (in the same way they are slaughtered for their food) and the backlash of ethical fashionistas.  But seriously how ethical is faux fur, have you read the material composition, oil, acrylic etc and not to mention, it was probably made in a sweat factory in some poor corner of the earth, and is then transported by air (global warming anyone).  So if you consider these things I wouldn’t personally say one is superior to the other.  I would rather consider which one is warmer and better value for money.  But am I brave enough to return to purchase my little indulgence of rabbit fur or will I go with the ethical masses and get my acrylic on…

Thoughts my furistas prowl…xoxo

To Wear or Not To Wear The Cycling Short?

So we have reached that point again, the shops swarm in the spring/summer collection when I would say England doesn’t even experience a smidge of Spring until about April, so please keep selling thermals its cold outside!

However, across my winter collection travels, I have been seeing a slight, emergence of cycling shorts, the similar trickle effect I witnessed with playsuits three years ago, so I can sense this one being HUGE not right now, but next summer or even the summer after.  Although the trend is really reminiscent to me of my pedal pushers wearing days  *hangs my head in shame*.

This look is the type of look I think applies to the key phrase ‘wear what suits you, not wants in fashion’ but although most of the cycling shorts I am seeing resemble my old p.e lesson attire , American Apparel and co,  I have seen some really cool fashion forward ones.

Motel was the same brand three years ago that earmarked the best playsuits and I think they have done the same with the cycling shorts.  However as much as I love Motel, I kind of feel they eventually get  lost amongst the Topshop’s of the world once the trend really goes mainstream but hey lets wait and see.

Available at ASOS & Motel

I will definitely be adding this pair to my collection to wear with a baggy tee and wedges for a little drink in a South Beach Bar (oh to dream).  However most on the runway were worn under skirts, so I will be interested to see how us mere mortals transpire this trend.  I know Alexa, Agness and Fearne will be rocking cycling shorts soon with their converses and flats and cannot wait how they add their sense of ‘Britishness’ to the trend.

Available at

I am won over by the ones above also, but what about you lot.  Do you think some trends are best left on the runway or will you be coveting your luscious pins in these cycling shorts?  Thoughts stylistas…xoxo