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Vogues Best Dressed of 2009

Apart from the end of the year bringing another set of New Year resolutions, further proclamation of who will not be following you into the New Year, the end of the year is always made more exciting by the declarations of the fashion critics’ worst and best dressed.

So how excited was I for my BIGGEST style crush to be crowned Vogues best dressed woman of 2009. I personally couldn’t think of a better candidate. Can you? Love Love Love Alexa’s laid back dressing and style!

However, a couple of shockers from the list:

Cheryl should not have been above Dannii this year.  I guess it kind of shows  that once your the nation’s sweetheart that is where you will remain.  But I am sorry but Dannii trumped Cheryl in the style stakes THIS year, Cheryl has been bringing us the same style since she invested in a proper stylist (still love Cheryl nevertheless).

But the further I got down the list, I realised the absence of two of the most stylist girls to hit the planet.  Even stated that this decade would have been incomplete without these twins; they put their mark on fashion in a serious way.   So I am a little surprised as to why they did not feature, they should appear every year as their style gets better and better. Do you agree the Vogue list is lacking without these two?

So as Vogue didn’t salute them, I will do so myself:

So heres to another year of sheer fashionolicity.  I am soo excited as to what Alexa and co (and newbies) have up their sleeve for the next year and even decade.  Do you agree with Vogues list?  Do you feel there are people who need sacking or adding to this list? Thoughts please??


Cheryl vs Lily Cole

To be honest I am no fan of Lily Allen, constantly moaning, bitching and warbling on about her oh so hard life, give me a break woman! I kind of lost all respect for her when she called Nicola Roberts (the ginger one from Girls Aloud) ugly.  Ok so Nicola may not be as attractive as Mrs Cole but she sure isn’t ugly and no offence coming from this girl I thought was a bit rich!

On the contrary, I have had a super girl crush on Cheryl Cole since I first saw her on Popstar the rivals, (yep even when she was a chav I thought OMG this girl is sooo pretty).  So as I spend most Sunday mornings lounging in the sofa flicking through the mags and Sunday papers, I came across Elle and kept flicking back and forth, back and forth. Why because of these two ads:

Now no matter how gorgeous I think Cheryl Cole is and as rude as that Allen fag bag is, I have to say that the crowning champion of who has the better ad campaign, contract you name it, has to be Lily Cole (gosh it hurt to say that) but just compare the images.  Although very contrasting French brands, and probably offering both ladies sums of money I could only dream of I have to admit that I think Lily Cole received the better end of the stick here.

So do you agree that Cheryl has the face over Lily, but Lily has THE campaign over Cheryl?

Flats Anyone?

This outfit is cute if you are aged 16. However at age 3 I think this is all a bit too much…the earrings, the heels, the handbag, what 3 year old needs on such attire and to impress whom?
OK so there is no denying that Suri Cruise is a cutie, she is the offspring of two rather attractive human beings and could explain why her ‘parents’ feel the need for her to be so well groomed for those all important paparazzi shots!

However I wonder how grateful the CHILD will be when she is 15 years old and has feet more rotten than VB…

Get the child out of heels and put her proper shoes that will support her growing and fragile bones… 3 WORDS on this one- SACK THE PARENTS!

Christian or Pharrell?

Image: Freshnessmag

The goddess of the women’s shoes, Christian Louboutin and Mr Williams himself.  Here we have these two donning some rather nice footwear from Louboutins soon to be S/S 10 men’s collection. Seldom do men get the SackTheStylist treatment, but I think both men look sooo flawless I wanted to get your opinion.  Am I being biased because they both have Louboutins on their feet (snob) :/ or are they both really in no need to SackTheStylist but get a thumbs up for the outfits <3. Thoughts guys…..

Whose Stylist Should be Hired

Images Courtsey of WennImage courtsey of Wenn

This particular ‘who wore it better’ has been circulating for around 2 weeks or so now and every time a poll is done I am always dumbfounded as to why people think Katy Perry seems to have worn it better; the waist belt, the OTK boots, the shoulders erm too many things are going on…. I know people are entitled to their opinion but hello Rihanna sooo wore it better in my view but hey up to you lot. Am I wrong or am I right? Please enlighten me people I need your help….which one of these ladies needs some tender loving STS treatment.